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‘From Cribs to Loving Arms’ initiative for roll out today

‘From Cribs to Loving Arms’ initiative for roll out today

Junior Minister for Education, Information and Youth Robert Morgan will today roll out the details of the ‘From Crib to Loving Arms’ initiative, which will be designed to ensure that no children under three years of age ends up in state care.

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On Friday, the state minister disclosed that the Children’s Services Division faces many challenges, but that the ambitious project was at the top of his agenda and that it was far advanced.

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«Our vision is from cribs to loving arms, and we are about to present a policy with the help of the CPFSA (Child Protection and Family Services Agency), through the Cabinet, where no child below the age of three will spend time in a child-care facility, and I think that is something that is going to be revolutionary in our society.»

However, on Monday when The Gleaner tried to get more details on the issue, CPFSA staffer Carolyn Johnson advised that Morgan would be keeping the plans close to his chest until today.

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«We will actually be having a press conference on Wednesday, when your questions can be answered. He will delve more into that on Wednesday (today).»

On Friday, Morgan admitted that while this process might sound simple, it was not, since there are various laws which have to be taken into consideration, citing the need for protocols to guide what happens when a child is abandoned. He, however, had good news for people who are looking to adopt.

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«We are reviewing the Adoption Act to make it easier for persons who are willing to adopt to be able to; and more and more people are coming on board, expressing a willingness not just to adopt, but to be foster parents as well, and I think that is a good thing that we need to encourage.

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«You can take a child home if you go through the system and the protocols. You can help a private home with donations. If every corporate company in Jamaica decided to adopt a home, we would not have challenges with resources. So my commitment is to be an ambassador for these children; to be a defender for them and to advocate as strongly and as purposefully on their behalf because, except for us, nobody else is doing it,» Morgan said.

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