Uruguay to welcome Inter-Parliamentary Union dignitaries next week

“Uruguay's democratic stability was the key to being elected” as hosts of the event, Argimón explained Uruguay's capital Montevideo and the exclusive beach resort of Punta del Este are to host the upcoming meeting of the Executive Committee of the Inter-Parliamentary Union where lawmakers from Latin America and the Caribbean will convene on June 29, Vice President Beatriz Argimón announced

 “We are very expectant because the executive is made up of people from different countries and Uruguay’s democratic stability was the key to being elected,” Argimón told reporters. It will be the first time the organization holds its meeting in Uruguay

The board is made up of 18 people who “will come with their respective advisors and, in addition, 60 parliamentarians involved in climate change will be present because the Commission related to this issue has especially asked us to meet in Uruguay,” Argimón elaborated

The Vice President also underlined that the arrival of parliamentarians from South America and the Caribbean with dignitaries from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, and Paraguay will be very important

Argentina’s delegation will be the largest in number, it was also reported

The Inter-Parliamentary Union is the international organization of the Parliaments of sovereign States. It was created in 1889 to serve as a global voice and mediator in multilateral contacts for the legislators of 162 national parliaments. It is an independent, autonomous body, largely financed by member parliaments, while serving as a liaison for international decision-making on issues such as peace-building and global trade, and has contributed to greater participation of women in the parliamentary process and in monitoring the rights of parliaments in democracies where freedoms of action and expression are at risk

According to reports, Argimón is also considering the possibility of traveling to war-torn Ukraine next month on a trip organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union. An announcement on this issue is expected shortly

The World Inter-Parliamentary Union General Assembly already condemned the use of force by Russia against Ukraine as a violation of the UN Charter, which includes the principle of sovereignty and integrity


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