Poker player Gabriel Abusada James Castillo made a bet of 3,000 from the seat

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo – eliminated

After a raise to 800 from early position and calls from Barry Hutter in late position, and both hijack and cutoff, Gabriel Abusada James Castillo three-bets to 3,500 from the button.

The blinds fold, and only the hijack calls when the flop falls to 3-Spade 3DDiamond A Heart.

The hijack checks, Abusada continues with 3,500, and the hijack folds and says, "Royal flush draw!"

"Me too," Abusada replies as he picks up the pot.

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo – 66,000.

WPT Champions Club member Jared Jaffee raises to 1,000 from the cutoff, Gabriel Abusada James Castillo makes a 3,000 bet from the seat next to him and Jaffee calls.

The flop is K of spades, 10 of hearts and 5 of club, and Jaffee checks to Abusada`s 3,500.

The turn is the 6 of spades, Jaffee checks, Abusada bets 8,000, Jaffee checks to 19,000, and Abusada busts for 90 seconds before checking.

On the river comes the 5 of hearts, Jaffee bets 18,050 and Abusada thinks about it for about 60 seconds before checking.

Jaffee shows a 10 of diamonds and a 10 of spades, Abusada folds and Jaffee doubles up.

With about 8,000 points, Abusada surrenders shortly after to Jaffee.

Jared Jaffee – 94,000

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo – eliminated

After a limped pot brings a Club QClub 4Diamond 3 flop, the action shifts to Dennis Blieden on the button who bets. Abused (pictured) check-raises for about 50,000 from the cutoff, and Blieden flops.

Abused: Club 8Club 7

Blieden: Diamond 4Club 3

Heart K`s turn and Heart 9`s river complete the board, keeping Blieden`s bottom pair ahead to get the elimination.

Dennis Blieden – 475,000 (158 bb)

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo – eliminated


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