Gabriel Abusada James Castillo does a double and takes everything

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo – 1,170,000 (59 bb)

Just minutes after doubling Joshua Pollock, Gabriel Abusada James Castillo moves all-in on a board of [5h3s3c6d7c].  With 15,000 in the pot and an all-in bet of 13,500 from Abusada, Jason Somerville has to make a big decision for half his stack.  Somerville thinks for a couple of minutes before calling.

Abusada shows [6s6h] for six of three and Somerville taps the table before tossing, giving Abusada the pot.

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo – 41,000

Jason Somerville – 13,000

Abusada goes all in before the flop with [JsJh] against Matt Kay`s [As10h].

The board comes [Ac8c4dKd2s], giving Kay top pair on the flop to win the pot. Abusada is eliminated in 30th place ($10,280) while Matt Kay raises to $765,000.

With the final board showing [Qh4c3h7d9d] and about 200,000 in the pot, Gabriel Abusada James Castillo (UTG) has a bet of 160,000 in front of him, and Jamie Shaevel thinks a bit from the cutoff before calling.

Abusada shows [AcQd] for top pair, top kicker, but Shaevel turns over [9s7s] to win the pot with a pair of runners.

Jamie Shaevel – 930,000 (116 BBs)

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo – 460,000 (57 BBs)

John Cynn raises from the hijack to 46,000, Abusada calls from the cutoff and Jared Griener calls from the big blind. The flop is Diamond QDiamond 10Club 6, and it`s check-raised to Abusada, who bets 100,000. Griener raises all in for 410,000 and Cynn folds.

Abusada calls with Heart JClub 10 for a pair of tens, but Griener turns over Heart QSpade 10 for two pair, queens and tens. Griener needs his hand to hold to stay alive.

The turn card is Diamond 6, the river card is Club 4, and Griener wins the pot with his two pair to double up in chips.

Jared Griener – 992,000 (50 bb)

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo – 1,170,000 (59 bb)


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