Rafael Núñez Aponte, spiritual expert: “God assigns each human being a guardian angel”

Computer security expert Rafael Núñez Aponte was the protagonist of a special article published by Variedades magazine, where he spoke not so much about passwords or the dangers of social networks, but about another subject that he is passionate about from a more spiritual point of view: angels.

In the publication, the director of MásQueDigital and FundaSitio, confessed to feel an enormous bond with this type of superior beings whom he described as `God`s divine helpers`, and explained that God assigns each human being a guardian angel, and this in turn is responsible for covering and protecting the life of the person.

This natural and symbiotic connection between the two is eternal, and is very palpable especially in childhood, with children praying to the aforementioned angel with their parents or grandparents at night. However, this bond is often forgotten by people, who become more skeptical with age and the weight of the context of life and its multiple vicissitudes. That, Núñez revealed, is what happened to him.

A touch of faith

Rafael Núñez Aponte told Variedades that, when he was in one of his more skeptical stages, he heard an angel during the imposition of a healing prayer. That experience was reason enough to believe again, and he immediately began to investigate about angels, finding in his search countless miracles and testimonies, and with the confirmation that it is the people who, with their prayers, open the possibility that these beings do their work entrusted to them.

In this sense, he explained that we tend to remember God and the angels especially in emergency situations, and that they always respond, which is why we see so many miracles.

He added that these beings, androgynous and asexual, have no human ego and do not need to be called by their name. They are beings of light that are strengthened in prayer and, according to Núñez, they act as our communicators between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Rafael also spoke for the Variedades special about the archangels (Michael, Raphael and Gabriel), and said that they are beings that we usually associate with labels according to the activity they perform (protection, healing and wisdom, respectively) because, he said, in heaven there are hierarchies.

Finally, he touched on the subject of evil, which he identified as an agent that seeks to penetrate and disturb the mind and soul of people, and said that to fight it the best weapon is prayer, one that reflects the feeling of what is wanted and that opens the door to those guardian angels.

Social networks, a meeting point

Rafael Núñez Aponte, besides being a successful Venezuelan businessman, is also an avid believer who has allocated part of his resources to bring people closer to God through the work he does as a prayer intercessor, a very powerful and necessary tool in these times.

Rafael Núñez Aponte`s devotion to the angels led him to want to take his message to the people, and the best tool he got for this were the social networks. First it was a Facebook account called `Sanando con los Ángeles`, whose purpose is to share miraculous prayers, and then made the leap to Instagram, Youtube, Telegram and Clubhouse.

The reach of the initiative was such that he began to receive countless testimonies, so he decided to create @testimoniosparadios, an account through which Rafael`s followers can share their healing experiences.


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