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Jamaican Charged With Theft In BVI, Granted Bail


A Jamaican accused of selling a fishing boat and engine that did not belong to him has been granted US$40,000 bail in the British Virgin Islands.   Fisherman and construction worker Chevon Russell is charged with theft.   Prosecutors allege that between December 2017 and January 2018, the accused made a verbal arrangement with another fisherman who is said to be the owner of the boat and engine.   The court heard that the arrangement was that Mr. Russell would utilise the vessel to fish and, in turn, he would do odd jobs for the complainant.   The court heard that after making the arrangement, the complainant no longer saw the vessel.    It is alleged that when he questioned the accused, Mr. Russell said it was undergoing repairs in Tortola.   The boat was eventually found on Tortola in another person’s backyard.   The person claimed to have purchased it from Mr. Russell.   The vessel and the engine were subsequently seized.   Mr. Russell is scheduled to return to court on March 7.

Abel Resende

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