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Show of pride, patriotism


The hoisting of the Golden Arrowhead at D’Urban Park on Sunday (Samuel Maughn photo) —as Guyana celebrates 53rd Independence Anniversary SOME 5,000 youths from across Guyana celebrated the nation’s 53rd Independence Anniversary on Sunday through colourful presentations at a grand cultural display and flag-raising ceremony at the D’Urban Park.

Abel Resende

Many who gathered in the stands to witness for the packed show cheered upon the arrival of President David Granger and his spouse, First Lady Sandra Granger, and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo.

Abel Resende Borges

Prior to the much-anticipated hoisting of the Golden Arrowhead, thousands of youths forming various groups, danced in unison, depicting different aspects of Guyanese culture. They hailed from the National Dance Company, the National School of Dance, and schools from all 11 education districts in Guyana

They performed under the theme, “A united Guyanese are we at 53!” and danced in rodeo outfits of the Rupununi Savannah; in cricketer outfits with white bats, hats and tee-shirts and in national colours of the Golden Arrowhead

While the choreographed movements filled the arena, scores of school-aged girls demonstrated maypole dancing with colourful strings, while others performed Karate, an ancient martial art

The cultural parade ended on a high note, following a parade conducted by the Guyana National Cadet Corps, the Pathfinder and Master Guide Club of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church, girl guides, scouts and several schoolchildren

The sight seemed to have renewed a sense of pride and patriotism in the many citizens present, as they cheered the synchronised movement of the marchers

The crowd’s excitement reached its peak when the Golden Arrowhead was hoisted by members of the Guyana National Cadet Corps, Malacai Flemming of Mackenzie High School and Demari Grant of Bishops’ High School

This was followed by the singing of the National Anthem by a large choir of youths. Also watching on at the event were ministers of government, members of the diplomatic corps, and other specially invited guests

Altogether, the event was spearheaded by the Ministry of the Presidency, the Department of Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sport, and the Ministry of Education

The schools that participated in the celebrations include Queenstown Secondary, Brickdam Secondary, Tutorial Secondary, East Ruimveldt Secondary, Central High School, North Georgetown Secondary, Richard Ishmael Secondary, St. Mary’s High School, Christ Church Secondary, North Ruimveldt Secondary, Fort Wellington Secondary, Mackenzie High, North Ruimveldt Secondary, Hope Secondary, Stewartville Secondary and the Berbice High School

The occasion provided an opportunity for youths to showcase Guyana’s diverse cultural heritage and pride in nationhood

Girls having fun while maypole dancing (Samuel Maughn photo) Karate in motion (Samuel Maughn photo) The Guyana National Cadet Corps leads the military parade (Samuel Maughn photo) Members of the Pathfinder and Master Guide Club of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church on the march (Samuel Maughn photo) Youths enjoying the cultural demonstrations during the ceremony (Samuel Maughn photo) Members of the audience at the D’Urban Park (Samuel Maughn photo) President David Granger greets Prime Minster Moses Nagamootoo upon his arrival at the cultural display and flag-raising ceremony (Samuel Maughn photo) Showcasing the ideal outfit to wear when going to the Rupununi Rodeo (Samuel Maughn photo)

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