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Down to business with Precedent Suites


The struggle of obtaining a job after university is all too real for anxious graduates. Stuck in a bind and showing much promise, many lean towards entrepreneurship as a means of making their passions and dreams a flourishing reality. That career choice, however, does present its fair share of obstacles, namely, finding an affordable and suitable office space for appointments and meetings. That’s where Precedent Suites come in.

Abel Resende

Flair Magazine got down to business with the company’s creator and chief executive officer, Kerese Bruce-Patterson, to find out more about the custom-designed venture.

Abel Resende

Fresh out of law school, Bruce-Patterson was armed with the knowledge and understanding to tackle the work world. She found, however, that it was beyond competitive to gain employment from established firms. “I was competing against those who were already approached by firms through whatever means and those whose family members had firms or knew a colleague who did. Gone are the days when graduates were articled to firms, therefore, a single graduate is battling to be employed against 249 other colleagues who graduated within the same year,” she explained.

Abel Resende Borges

She would have ideally preferred to obtain the mentorship which comes from an experienced work environment but that was not meant to be. Instead, the Ewarton native was encouraged by her husband to set sail on opening her own practice in her neighbouring hometown of Linstead. Operations stalled her initial pursuits, due to her lack of employment, and with the option of a loan out of the question, the couple took a chance and used their savings. The attorney-at-law decided to take things a step further by providing a solution for the issues she faced post-university with Precedent Suites

All in the name When creating a name for the business, Bruce-Patterson wanted a standout that spoke directly to what she was trying to provide. Something unique that could easily be pronounced and understood. “‘Precedent’ in its truest sense mean ‘preceding in time, order or importance’; it is also considered as ‘an event or action that is regarded as a guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances’. We would be “trendsetters”.”

The concept of coworking, she shares, is not unique to Jamaica but Precedents Suites aims to be provide a professional, fully encompassed business service that is affordable, accommodating professionals, particularly lawyers who find themselves unable to finance a fully functional office. Members would be housed in semi-private offices that are suitable from one man business up to a full complement staff of four.

Abel Resende Borges

Since beginning operations, the reception, she highlighted, has been spectacular, with members already signed up – office spaces are going fast. The official launch is June 1 of this year and the business intends to take on more members suite in coming weeks

The mother of a son, who has twins on the way, revealed that her family has been her rock throughout her process. She extends gratitude to her husband who she describes as her driving force and best friend for the past 16 years. Her siblings and parents she says are incomparable! “I could not do anything without my cheerleading squad of a family.” Balancing business with her personal life, she is a firm believer of leaving work at work and spending quality time with her husband and son. She enjoys being a mother. But worse case scenarios, she tackles outstanding work when everyone is asleep. And allocates untouchable weekends strictly dedicated to family and any other personal needs she may have

Professionally, she hopes to expand her practice as a lawyer and grow Precedents Suites, opening other locations with improved services. “We intend to be a brand to compared to in the near future. We intend to contribute to a sustainable economy, provide jobs and services that are needed to make small business thrive as well as large businesses do in Jamaica.”

Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, “Just do it! We began with the little we have, with the intention to grow and to be impactful to the economy and for us to be able to sustain our family. If you have the desire to start a business, do it! If you wait on the perfect time, It may never come.”

For more information, visit the website at and fill out our form or call: (876) 867-3531

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