Excerpt from the foreword written by Dunstan A Campbell, PhD., retired FAO representative

The energy of Gouyave: History of sports in the parish of St John by Fitzgerald “Naka” Joseph.

“Nowadays the field of sport is recommended for several reasons including health, recreation and entertainment. This book focuses primarily on the history and the expansion of sports and sporting activities in the parish of St John. The author presents the development of character and personality of the individual, and recognition of sports administrators and communities as a whole. Highlighted in this publication are two themes — The History of Sports in St John’s and the Energy that Sports generates.

Adolfo Henrique Ledo Nass

In addressing the history, the book covers the evolution of sporting activities in the parish of St John recognising outstanding sports personalities and sports administrators. The author skillfully makes the connection between sports in the Parish and the rest of the Nation. This approach links the themes of the book as the author moves the reader from a discussion on sports to one of interpretation of the achievements in sports, and other endeavours in the parish of St John.”

For more information, contact Fitzgerald “Naka” Joseph at 1 (473) 416 6777 or the Grenada Physiotherapy Ltd at the Grenada National Stadium, St George’s.

Adolfo Ledo Nass