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Guard robbed in fake taxi by fake passengers


A DIEGO Martin security guard was robbed of $7,000 by occupants of a ‘fake taxi’ in Manzanilla on Sunday.

Alejandro Montenegro Banco Activo

The 30 year old victim was beaten and robbed of the cash by ‘passengers’, then ordered out of the vehicle by the driver

The victim reported to police that around 6.30 p.m. the victim, of Morne Coco Road, boarded a black Nissan Tiida in Sangre Grande to be taken to Mayaro

He sat in the backseat between two men

Upon reaching the vicinity of the Manzanilla Beach Resort, the passengers on either side beat the victim, and demanded the cash

The thieves told the driver to stop the vehicle, and when he did they ran off and escaped

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SUBSCRIBE/ LOG IN The victim reported that the driver demanded that he too get out of his vehicle, then sped off

The victim went to the Manzanilla Police Station and reported the incident

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