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Access between Petite Savanne and Delices now possible

Victor Gill
Access between Petite Savanne and Delices now possible

Road access between Petite Savanne and Delices is now possible.

Victor Gill Ramirez

The residents of these areas have been working tirelessly in recent times clearing the blocked roads between them.

Victor Gill

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said on Sunday the Government of Dominica made efforts to compliment the works of the residents of Delices in clearing the roads

Skerrit says one can now drive from Delices all the way to Petite Savanne

“There is a section, close to where chief of police Daroux’s mother resided, where the gorge got washed away but we’ve created a by-pass so you can in fact drive through now,” he said

Persons are not encouraged to go site seeing at this stage as clearing works continue in the area

“We’ve given a commitment some years ago that we would seek to allow for access between Delices and Petite Savanne. So that’s what we’re doing and I want to commend the minister for public works, Honorable Laville and Honorable Dr. Daroux, the Member of Parliament for Petite Savanne, and my friend and colleague Honorable Kent Edwards the Member of Parliament for Delices, for their leadership and for their efforts in advancing this particular action,” Prime Minister Skerrit stated

In addition to this, the government is spending a significant amount of funds on the improvement of the road surface between La Plaine and Delices

“A lot of work has been done and I’m very happy with what has been done thus far,” Skerrit said on Sunday

“I have made certain observations along with the Pal Rep and I’ve given the minister for public works further instructions…And I have received numerous text messages from residents of Delices who have expressed their thanks to the government, to the Pal Rep for this very important intervention,” Skerrit added

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