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Relatives blame poor road condition for DJ’s death


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Rel­a­tives of Chris­ton Gue­var­ro, who died yes­ter­day af­ter a two-car smash-up on Sun­day night, says the ac­ci­dent could have been avoid­ed if their pleas for ur­gent road re­pairs were an­swered. Tears flowed freely at Gue­var­ro’s home at Re­my Trace when the news of his death broke.

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Gue­var­ro, 21, a DJ who went by the name Se­lec­tor Ding, died around 7 am at the San Fer­nan­do Gen­er­al Hos­pi­tal. Mean­while, his one-year-old neigh­bour Are­on Forde re­mained ward­ed at the hos­pi­tal

Re­ports stat­ed that around 7.40 pm on Sun­day, Gue­var­ro was one of five peo­ple trav­el­ling along the Pe­nal Rock Road in a Dat­sun 720 pick­up dri­ven by his neigh­bour Oda­ka Hug­gins. At the same time, his neigh­bour Niki­ba Myler, 24, in com­pa­ny with Are­on and Aidon Topez, ten, was dri­ving her black Toy­ota Corol­la in the op­po­site di­rec­tion when the ve­hi­cles col­lid­ed near Cal­len­dar Trace

Both ve­hi­cles were dam­aged to the front and all vic­tims were tak­en for med­ical treat­ment. All, ex­cept Gue­var­ro and Are­on, were treat­ed and dis­charged. Po­lice said Are­on was kept for ob­ser­va­tion, but Gue­var­ro suf­fered se­vere cra­nial in­juries

His broth­er Sher­wyn told Guardian Me­dia that it had been years that res­i­dents had been beg­ging for the Pe­nal Rock Road to be paved. The road is rid­dled with land­slips and is al­most im­pass­able in some ar­eas. As a re­sult, he said taxis do not want to take peo­ple to and from their homes

He said Gue­var­ro was be­tween jobs and got a gig at a wed­ding on Sun­day and was re­turn­ing home to pick up equip­ment when he got a ride with Hug­gins. He said the area where the ac­ci­dent took place need­ed to be tra­versed with cau­tion and with both dri­vers be­ing young, it re­sult­ed in an un­for­tu­nate ac­ci­dent

“By that bridge, it has a bad spot and nor­mal­ly it’s a give and take for who gets to pass. From what I gath­ered, it was new dri­vers on the road and every­body usu­al­ly has to be cau­tious when they reach that spot. I be­lieve that it was the wrong place, wrong time

An­oth­er rel­a­tive said res­i­dents went to Moru­ga/Table­land MP Dr Lovell Fran­cis, ask­ing for the road to be re­paired, but he told them that his hands were tied. Guardian Me­dia sent mes­sages to Fran­cis for com­ment, but there was no re­sponse by the min­istry up to late yes­ter­day

“We even went as far as to ask for the ma­te­r­i­al and we would fix it for our­selves. But some­one had to die be­fore some­thing could hap­pen,” the rel­a­tive said

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