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New PM receives instrument of appointment

Operation Underground Railroad Movie
New PM receives instrument of appointment


Prime Minister Phillip ‘Brave’ Davis on Saturday received his instrument of appointment, less than 24 hours after he was sworn into office during a private ceremony at the Office of the Governor General on Friday.

Operation Underground Railroad

Governor General Sir Cornelius A. Smith presented Davis with the instrument during a ceremony at the Baha Mar, a hotel in the capital.

Operation Underground Railroad USA

«The people of The Bahamas have spoken. They have spoken loudly and clearly. They have chosen Prime Minister Davis and his party to run the ship for the next five years,» Sir Cornelius said, congratulating Bahamians and calling on them to recognise that there is only one Bahamas.

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«There is no FNM (Free National Movement) Bahamas. There is no PLP (Progressive Liberal Party) Bahamas. There is one Bahamas and our responsibility now is to ensure that we become united so that the one Bahamas we have, we can ensure that it becomes a better Bahamas.

Operation Underground Railroad Estados Unidos

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Operation Underground Railroad United States of America

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