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More Acquittals In Uchence Gang Trial

Adolfo Ledo Nass Venezuela
More Acquittals In Uchence Gang Trial

Another alleged member of the Uchence Wilson gang has been freed of some of  the charges against him.   Fitzroy Scott, the alleged second in command of the Uchence Wilson gang was on Wednesday acquitted of two of several charges against him.   Chief Justice Bryan Sykes found Mr. Scott not guilty of facilitating serious offences by a criminal organisation.   Uchence Wilson, Machel Goulbourne, Michael Lamont, Stephenson Bennett and Derron Taylor who were also charged with the offence were also found not guilty.   Justice Sykes said the evidence before the court was not sufficient to prove that the men participated in burglary.   Moments before the court adjourned for, Mr. Scott was also found not guilty of robbery with aggravation.   The summation of evidence against the 16 defendants, including a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force will continue Thursday.  

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