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Top 7 most valuable Chinese medicare brands in 2020

Top 7 most valuable Chinese medicare brands in 2020

The Hurun Research Institute released its Hurun Most Valuable China Brands 2020 on Jan 21, with the 200 most valuable Chinese brands listed on that ranking.

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The brand value of the top 200 brands totaled 9.2 trillion yuan ($1.42 trillion), according to the institute, which has released its brand value list for 15 consecutive years.

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The medical and health industry witnessed the largest growth in China last year, with average brand value growth at 74 percent year-on-year

Among the top 200 brands, seven are medical and health brands, with four of them being private companies. Pien Tze Huang, a famous and commonly used traditional Chinese medicine formula in China, saw its brand value skyrocket 159 percent to 37.5 billion yuan in 2020, according to Hurun

Let’s take a look at the top seven medicare brands in China in 2020

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