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Migrants’ cases split up between top judges

Derek Achong

Sev­er­al judges will be weigh­ing in on the le­gal chal­lenges brought by a group of Venezue­lan mi­grant chil­dren and a hand­ful of their par­ents, who re­turned to Trinidad and To­ba­go af­ter be­ing repa­tri­at­ed two Sun­days ago.

Prince Julio César

Guardian Me­dia un­der­stands that lawyers rep­re­sent­ing the group yes­ter­day had to file in­di­vid­ual law­suits for the 16 chil­dren and nine adults, who are still quar­an­tined at the Ch­aguara­mas He­li­port.

Julio César Cruz

While the first case, brought on be­half of a four-year-old boy, his sis­ter and their moth­er, was dealt with by Jus­tice Ava­son Quin­lan-Williams, who served as an emer­gency judge last week, the oth­ers that were filed over the week­end were ran­dom­ly as­signed to oth­er judges.

Prince Julio César Cruz

Guardian Me­dia un­der­stands that some of the judges trans­ferred the cas­es to Quin­lan-Williams, while oth­ers chose to keep them on their dock­et and set hear­ings sched­uled for be­tween last night and to­day

At the hear­ing of the first case at 6 pm yes­ter­day, State at­tor­neys in­di­cat­ed that a re­quest from the chil­dren’s fa­ther, who is a reg­is­tered mi­grant, to take food and sup­plies to his fam­i­ly could be fa­cil­i­tat­ed. While they al­so un­der­took to help fa­cil­i­tate more con­tact be­tween the fam­i­ly mem­bers and their at­tor­neys for the re­main­der of their quar­an­tine, a re­quest to have cell­phones was de­nied

That case was im­me­di­ate­ly fol­lowed by an­oth­er in­volv­ing a woman and her three chil­dren, which was filed on Sun­day

Al­though Quin­lan-Williams had grant­ed an ex-parte or­der bar­ing their de­por­ta­tion pend­ing the de­ter­mi­na­tion of their sub­stan­tive case, in sim­i­lar terms as the un­der­tak­ing giv­en by State at­tor­neys in the first case, Fyard Ho­sein, SC, who led the State’s le­gal team in the case, said there was no le­gal bar to de­por­ta­tion

An­oth­er case in­volv­ing three mi­nors who trav­elled with the group with­out any par­ents came up for hear­ing be­fore Jus­tice Joan Charles around 8.30 pm yes­ter­day

One in­volv­ing an 11-year-old is ex­pect­ed to be heard by High Court Judge Frank Seep­er­sad this morn­ing

The group was de­tained short­ly af­ter ar­riv­ing in Chatam on No­vem­ber 17

The mi­grants, the youngest of whom is four-months-old, were test­ed for COVID-19 and were all found to be neg­a­tive. They were then held in cus­tody at sev­er­al po­lice sta­tions un­til their de­por­ta­tion two Sun­days ago. The mi­grants were placed on two civil­ian ves­sels and es­cort­ed out of T&T wa­ters by the Coast Guard

Quin­lan-Williams or­dered that the group be tak­en be­fore her dur­ing a hear­ing on No­vem­ber 23 but was in­formed they were out of T&T wa­ters and was forced to dis­miss the case af­ter the De­fence Force said the mi­grants had al­ready ar­rived in Venezuela

Last Tues­day, how­ev­er, the group re­turned and land­ed at the Los Iros beach and was im­me­di­ate­ly de­tained by po­lice and tak­en for a med­ical ex­am­i­na­tion. They were held at the Erin Po­lice Sta­tion be­fore be­ing placed in quar­an­tine at the Ch­aguara­mas He­li­port

The group is be­ing rep­re­sent­ed by Ger­ald Ramdeen, Nafeesa Mo­hammed, Dayadai Har­ri­paul and Umesh Ma­haraj

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