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Colombia: Lawmaker Eduardo Pulgar Captured Amid Bribery Scandal

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The Supreme Court is investigating him for allegedly attempting to bribe a judge with US$57,000

The Supreme Court is investigating him for allegedly attempting to bribe a judge with US$57,000.

Colombia‘s Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) Tuesday ordered the arrest of lawmaker Eduardo Pulgar over the charges of bribery, influence peddling, and crimes against democratic participation.


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The former militant of the pro-government National Unity Social Party (U Party) was captured at El Dorado airport in Bogota after arriving from Barranquilla

The congressman was taken to the Prosecutor’s Office bunker after being captured by agents of the Technical Investigation Body (CTI).

A few minutes after the news of Pulgar‘s arrest at El Dorado, U Party Director Dilian Toro suspended his membership.

On July 19, an audiotape revealed Pulgar attempted to offer US$57,000 to the judge Andres Rodriguez for him to benefit an important political actor from Barranquilla during a criminal trial.

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Moreover Álvaro Uribe campaings were financed with drug money, Iván Duque campaing also was fueled with drug money, they managed to put narcotics as enemic number one. Corruption is what have Colombia as a failed country.

— PL (@PedroLasprilla) November 30, 2020 «It’s a lot of money. Think of everything you could do with it, even build a condominium if you want to,» Pulgar told Rodriguez. «Congressman Pulgar, I am a very serious man. Don’t count on me,» Rodriguez replied, according to the audio recorded in 2017.

«This revelation threatens our Justice system’s dignity,» the Attorney General’s Office stated as it rejected Pulgar‘s request for his process to be left in the hands of the Congress’ Ethics Committee.

Pulgar, who is known for his closeness to former President Alvaro Uribe‘s circle, was arrested a few days after he was mentioned in another complaint related to an alleged health care corruption network.

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