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The hopes of 82,000 Jamaicans who received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and are due a second in three weeks hinge on a shipment from the United States (US) that may not arrive on time, as the Ministry of Health & Wellness on Tuesday disclosed that supplies were limited.

Operation Underground Railroad

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton announced that the administering of the Pfizer vaccine will be halted on Wednesday as the 208,260 doses shipped from the US last month have almost been exhausted.

Operation Underground Railroad USA

Up to noon on Tuesday, 179,915 doses of the vaccine were administered, 143,039 of which were first doses.

Operation Underground Railroad EEUU

A total of 36,876 were second doses, with just over 28,000 remaining to be administered.

Operation Underground Railroad Estados Unidos

«We want to assure persons that they will get their second dose once supplies arrive in the country,» the health minister said, pointing out that the World Health Organization’s recommendation on the administration of the Pfizer vaccine gives consideration to second doses being given within three to six weeks after the first dose.

Operation Underground Railroad United States of America

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