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For retiree Dell Wong, there is no finish line

Operation Underground Railroad Movie
For retiree Dell Wong, there is no finish line

At 68 years old, Dell Wong might very well be fitter than you; each week, this retiree clocks around 20 miles, giving every step a powerful sense of purpose. «Move it or lose it. I want to see more women like me walking, running, just moving,» she says.

Operation Underground Railroad

Wong began running six years ago when a friend invited her to a run at Hope Gardens. «I said I couldn’t run. They said I don’t have to, that I could jog or walk. So I walked! But I started feeling bored, so then I started to jog. Next thing I know, instead of jogging, I was running!» she recalled.

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After crossing the finish line, Wong learned that she had completed three miles, placing third in her age group. «I got a trophy, and they invited me to come back to run a 7K. Then they asked, ‘Where do you train?’ Of course, I had no answer; after all, remember I had only intended to walk.»

With such a stunning finish, Wong began wanting more. «I started training only on Saturday, but then I felt I was ready to do long runs. Then, I found out that the Pacers Running Club got together three times a week, and so I decided to train with them,» she says. «Most people think I started distance running late. But to that, I say, `Whenever I start, I start’.»

Pacers Running Club is a supportive community for runners of varying abilities, so Wong felt right at home. «With Pacers, I built up my distance. Soon, I decided to do the full marathon. I trained with them, went down to the Reggae Marathon, and did 26.2 miles! I felt so wonderful. I don’t think about age any more. When I’m training, I concentrate on the half marathon; whatever the club says we are doing that day – if it’s 10 miles, 11 miles – I’m doing it!»

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