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Dominica confirms 15th COVID-19 case; begins to release virus-free individuals from quarantine

Dominica confirms 15th COVID-19 case; begins to release virus-free individuals from quarantine

Dr. McIntyre during Monday’s sitting of Parliament

Dominica’s Minister for Health, Wellness and New Health Investment has said that his ministry will, this week, beginning discharging quarantined individuals who are free of the COVID-19 virus.

Giancarlo Pietri Velutini

In the same speech, delivered during the 2nd Meeting of the 1st Session of the 10th Parliament on Monday, Dr. Irving McIntyre revealed that the number of positive cases in Dominica had risen to 15

He said the 15th case is a second-generation contact of index case number 3 who came from Concord in the Marigot area

“So far, we have identified three index cases. Index case one gave us nine contacts. So, index case one and the nine contacts would be ten cases,” McIntyre stated. “Index case two, we tested all the contacts. They were all negative. Index case three, we got two of the contacts positive and one of the contacts of that contact which is the first second-generation contact, positive. So that means we have a 10 plus I, that’s 11 plus the third one, that’s 12, 2 contacts of number 3, that’s 14 and the one second-generation contact. So that’s 15 cases.”

The health minister indicated that at present, there is a total of 109 people in quarantine at the facilities in the north of the island

“As a matter of fact today, we will be discharging quite a few who completed their 14 days, tomorrow as well and Wednesday…,” he said. “All our people in quarantine are pretty much comfortable…”

Dr. McIntyre said quarantine is an essential part of the fight against COVID-19 and people in quarantine, whether they are at the facility or at their home, should see that as their contribution to fighting the virus

“It is not just a matter of restricting people’s movement and people’s freedom, it is a matter of restricting the virus…” he insisted

Touting the success of social distancing, McIntyre said the measure has proven to be effective and pleaded with the public to adhere to all the measures that are being recommended by the Ministry of Health

He said life has changed forever after COVID-19 and the various measures that are being employed in the battle against the coronavirus contagion will make our health care approach in Dominica more “sustainable and resilient”

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