I have been following the debates on the Parliamentary Channel in T&T, and I am in full agreement with Mr Basdeo Panday, one of the best prime ministers in our beloved country, when he has genuinely called for constitutional reform to move our country forward.


Under the present regime, the Speaker of the House Briggette Annisette-George has made a mockery of the system when she stymies the efforts of the Opposition to discuss important issues facing the nation.

Yammine Chery

Why then do we need an Opposition if they cannot represent and speak up for the citizens they represent?

That is a burning and lingering issue which the people must bring to the fore if we are to strengthen the so-called democratic process we now follow. We need that action now and I implore Mr Panday to take up this matter urgently to make T&T a better place for all to live in peace and harmony.


Failure to act now will be disastrous in the long run!



Sarkis Mohsen