Jamaica Gleaner / Did you know that raw fruit and vegetable juices are an excellent source of energy and provide multiple benefits that can help achieve the hormonal balance every woman seeks?

Nutritionist and KitchenAid ambassador Maria Calle explains the benefits of juicing and extraction techniques with easy tricks to help you make a quick and complete meal.

Have you ever asked someone you know who has healthy-looking skin, bright eyes, and is always full of energy, what they do to stay healthy and maintain their radiant appearance? If you did, it would hardly be a surprise if they answered by telling you about their new fruit and vegetable juice diet. Not only are juices a strong source of essential nutrients, but they are also easy to digest.

Raw fruits and vegetables are the complete package, and the same can be said of the juices produced from them. They are natural – haven’t been processed using harsh chemicals or their nutrients diminished from cooking – and are ready to eat the moment they are picked and their juices extracted. Such natural beverages enhance our diet and provide benefits which serve to cure, protect and enrich our bodies and overall well-being.

You can find juice recipes that help decrease stress, slim and remove toxins from the body, boost the immune system, correct a nutritional deficit, increase energy, clear up skin and weight fluctuation issues, and in general, keep you looking young and radiant.

Juices can be separated into three categories: only fruits, only vegetables or a mix of both. Each type of juice has distinct properties that contribute to different benefits.

Fruit juices cleanse the digestive system and strengthen the immune system.



Vegetable juices have disease-preventing properties and help the body eliminate excess toxins.

Mixed juices help rejuvenate and clean the body and are a great source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

In order to get the maximum benefits from these nutrition-packed foods, the fruits and vegetables you consume should be as fresh and organic as possible. To address both of these issues, you might buy your produce from a local organic market that guarantees its products are free of chemicals and pesticides. To make extra sure you’re not consuming anything you didn’t intend, you can prepare a mixture of vinegar and water to clean your fruits and vegetables before you juice them. Finally, for the juicing itself, it’s key to use an appliance that extracts the maximum amount of nutrients from your produce, such as KitchenAid’s Fast Juicer.

Different fruits and vegetables provide different nutrients. Juice has a specific function: to raise our body’s defences and strengthen our immune system. Not only can juices be charged with vitamin C but they can also contain beta-carotene, which helps keep eyes and hair healthy.


CLEANSE THE BODY – Oranges are citric fruits with a lot of, Vitamin C, A, B and G. They also have minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. These vitamins and minerals help boost the immune system and prevent diseases. Additionally, the fruit’s citric characteristics improve digestion and cleanse the body.

– The carrot’s three most important nutrients that provide the greatest health benefits are: beta-carotene, vitamin A and alpha-carotene. Beta-carotene is what makes carrots orange and it’s the component that develops the vitamin A. Eating carrots helps one maintain good vision and prevents eye disease, and also helps keep hair radiant and healthy.

– Ginger, a root with a spicy flavour, is frequently used for both cooking and for traditional holistic medicine, as its natural anti-inflammatory properties help the body combat arthritis, digestive problems and respiratory diseases.

When combined, all of these ingredients together account for a high amount of vitamins C and A, which help boost the immune system and protect it from common respiratory diseases.



Courtesy of KitchenAid and created by an expert nutritionist to increase energy levels.

Ingredients (4 cups):

– 2 medium peeled carrots

– 6 peeled oranges

– 1 peeled ginger

– Dash of cayenne pepper


– Peel oranges, carrots and ginger.

– Insert carrots, one by one, in KitchenAid’s Fast Juicer, then insert oranges split through the middle and the ginger in between oranges.

– To garnish, add a pinch of cayenne pepper

Tip: the remaining pulp from the oranges and carrots can be used for soups, rice dishes and pancakes to provide a supplemental fiber boost.