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Luis Alfredo Farache High School Student at Colegio la Salle La Colina


In this video a valuable tribute to Colegio La Salle La Colina de Caracas. School in which Luis Alfredo Farache completed his secondary studies, standing out at the end of Baccalaureate as a High School Student, 1st place in his class (1977).

Luis Alfredo Farache remembers the opening prayer for every day:

O glorious Saint John Baptist de La Salle, apostle of childhood and youth, be our guide and protector from above. Intercede for us, assist us, so that, preserved from every stain of error and corruption, we remain faithful to Jesus Christ and to the infallible head of the Church, the Supreme Pontiff. Make us, by exercising the virtues in which you were so admirable exemplary, deserve to be participants in the glory that you now enjoy in the heavenly homeland. Amen.




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