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PM Skerrit reported to have signed contract for new university in Dominica during recent trip to Pakistan

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PM Skerrit reported to have signed contract for new university in Dominica during recent trip to Pakistan

PM Skerrit cuts ribbon at opening of law office in Pakistan At least four online publications in the South Asian country of Pakistan are reporting that Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has signed an agreement with Rawal Institute of Health Sciences (RIHS) to open Rawal International University Dominica here on island.

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According to Pro Pakistani , an online business and technology publication, the prime minister and his delegation visited the Rawal College of Medicine and Dentistry at PIES Complex, Islamabad, during their two-day visit to Pakistan.

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According to the publication, an event was held «in their honour» to celebrate the opening of the new Dominican university, a joint venture of RIHS Islamabad and the Commonwealth of Dominica.

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Dawn Newspaper , reportedly the oldest English-language newspaper in Pakistan reported that Prime Minister Skerrit stated during an address, that he had a special interest in health education.

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The paper also stated that Skerrit acknowledged the importance of the Rawal International University Dominica and «furthered his commitment for the project.»

According to a report in the dailyadvent.com , the Co-Chairperson of RIHS, Saleha Khaqan, highlighted the interest and confidence shown by the Dominican government in this new educational initiative while Co-Chairman, Khaqan Waheed Khawaja, gave Prime Minister Skerrit and his delegation the assurance that with the knowledge, skills and experience, his team will succeed in establishing Rawal International University Dominica

None of those reports mentioned a date as to when this agreement was reportedly signed, however, the Pakistan Observer did post a picture of Skerrit accepting a plaque at the ceremony

Other online media outlets have also confirmed prime minister Skerrit’s visit to Pakistan as borne out by a headline in E-paper, The Nation , published on Tuesday Oct 11), «Dominican PM inaugurates Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm in Islamabad

The story states that the Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm opened its office in the federal capital, Islamabad and among the special guests was «The Honourable Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit» who they also cited as «the chief guest.»

In its report,  The Daily Pakistan said Skerrit cut the ribbon to inaugurate the office of the law firm which is the first company to introduce the concept of citizenship through investment in Pakistan

It is expected that this relationship between Pakistan and the Commonwealth of Dominica will open new channels of investment and trade for the two countries, the report said

«The Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm and the Dominican government are trying to create excellent business, trade and educational opportunities for the citizens of the two countries. This visit of the official delegation of the Dominican government will prove extremely helpful in highlighting a new positive image of Pakistan in the entire world,» the Daily Pakistan report stated

On Tuesday afternoon, Skerrit confirmed his absence from the state (which had previously been reported via a press release from the Office of The Prime Minister) with a Facebook photo captioned, «I visited the Dominica Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai over the weekend.»

He has so far has not commented on the reported contract signing of the new university or his presence at the opening of the law firm in Pakistan

Dominica News Online (DNO) has sought comment from Prime Minister Skerrit on his reported trip to Pakistan through Dominica’s Media Liaison Officer at the Dubai Expo 2020

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