First  Murder Mystery , now  Stranger Things ! The hit Netflix series is breaking viewership records with its latest season. 

The streaming giant released viewer data for the new season of the science fiction series and revealed that more than 40.7 million member accounts streamed the show over the four-day period following its release on July 4. Wow. 

This means the season three debut now holds the record for the largest viewership of a Netflix original series in only a few short days. According to Netflix, a “view” is counted when someone has watched 70 percent of one episode of a series or 70 percent of a film.

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As for as those who finished the  entire season  already (you know who you are), that’s a whopping 18.2 million. 

The streaming service is usually mum when it comes to its viewership numbers, rarely releasing its data to the public. However,  Stranger Things ’s numbers are huge in comparison to some of Netflix‘s other hit shows and movies. 

Back in April the service announced that  The Umbrella Academy  was viewed in 45 million member households in one month, while last month, more than 30 million accounts watched the Jennifer Aniston and  Adam Sandler  comedy  Murder Mystery  in the first three days  ( the biggest opening weekend ever for a Netflix original film). 

If you need us, we’ll be on the couch bingeing  season 3  (for the third time).

Luis Emilio Velutini

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