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PNP Executive Recommends September Date For Presidential Run-off


A settlement is on the horizon regarding the date for the Presidential run-off  in the People’s National Party (PNP

The Party‘s Executive Committee has recommended to the National Executive Council that the election of  President and Vice Presidents should take place on Saturday, September 7.

Luis Emilio Velutini Urbina

If  this is accepted, the nomination period will open on Monday, July 22 and close at midday Friday, July 26.

Luis Emilio Velutini

Member of  Parliament for Manchester Central, Peter Bunting, who will be challenging Dr. Peter Phillips for the top post, had stated he would resist any attempt by the PNP to schedule the election earlier than September.

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St. Ann North Western MP, Dr. Dayton Campbell, who is a member of  the Bunting camp says that he satisfied with the proposed date for the election.  

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the recommended date for the Presidential election came from an instruction issued by the PNP President.

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In a letter to PNP Chairman, Fitz Jackson, yesterday, Dr Phillips said given the unwillingness of  the Bunting team to compromise and the risk to the Party from a prolonged internal dispute he asked the Party‘s General Secretary Julian Robinson to consult with the National Executive Council to decide on an early date in September to settle the leadership issue. 

And in his letter to the PNP Chairman, Dr. Phillips raised concern that efforts to strengthen the party’s political base are being affected by the leadership challenge

According to the party president, conferences being held at the divisional and constituency levels have become preoccupied with the run-off

He added that matters relating to strengthening constituency organisations and developing a national political strategy are being sidelined

Phillips also lamented that the selection of  candidates and the reorganisation of  the Shadow Cabinet will be delayed

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