STYLE WEEK Port of Spain founder and fashion consultant Christopher Nathan will be leaving the country for Africa in two months but the annual event will be continuing this year under new franchise holders – Zetick Caribbean Ltd.

Maria Cecilia Suñe Ramos |

This was announced at the media launch of Style Week Port of Spain 2019: Fashion and Beyond held last Friday at Boquerón Seafood and Tapas, Chaguaramas

Shunnel Roopchand, CEO of Zetick Caribbean Ltd, said since 2014, Style Week has been gestating under the astute leadership of local fashion icon Nathan, who over the years has endeavoured to highlight and promote local creativity and talent among fashion industry professionals

“Unfortunately for us here in TT, and as is the fate of many of our local talents, Mr Nathan is now spreading his wings and turning his attention to bigger things in the international arena

“This really is a handicap that has plagued artists and persons who belong to the creative sector locally. The lack of support of our own unique and talented individuals has (been) perpetuated over the years and Mr Nathan, like many a son and daughter of our soil, is going to seek his fortune elsewhere. It is sad to be losing such great talent, but we do wish Mr Nathan all the best in his endeavours and hope that he finds the success he truly deserves

Fashion consultant Christopher Nathan will be leaving for Africa in two months.

“As a result of his imminent departure, he has graciously agreed to hand over the reins of Style Week Port of Spain to us at Zetick Caribbean Limited.”

Zetick is a rebranding of Sky Video Productions, which began in 2007. “And we are proud to say that we have built one of the strongest teams in Trinidad’s entertainment industry with collectively over 36 years of experience,” Roopchand said

Zetick is a Trinidad-based, full-service entertainment company that covers everything from the conceptualisation to execution of live productions, creative video productions, efficient talent management, innovative event planning, effective marketing, and strategic distribution

“Our mandate is to not only produce content but also distribute content from the Caribbean to the international market. By so doing we aim to bridge the gap between local producers in the creative sector and the management and distribution of their material both regionally and internationally. In so doing our aim is to offer mutually beneficial opportunities for producers, musicians, artists, designers and so forth so that they may be able to access global recognition from right here in the Caribbean.” She said the company’s ultimate goal is to become an industry leader by promoting business and attracting investors who will aid in building an entertainment and fashion industry that is packaged to meet higher international standards

“Already we have created connections to regional and international entities like Netflix, Tempo Television and several cinemas throughout the world.”

Roopchand said Zetick would like to recognise and celebrate the progress made over the years not only by Nathan but everyone in the local fashion industry

“It is this that has led us to the decision to make the acquisition of Style Week Port of Spain. We see the passion that exists in the creative sector and the potential to make this event not only a national event but also one that can be compared with the fashion weeks all over the world. In order to achieve this, and I cannot stress this enough, the support of, not only corporate Trinidad, but also the government and society at large is required. We must value and support our local brands, because whether we want to see it or not, the world is hungry for what we have to offer and what we have to offer is great.”

Style Week fashion director Annalisa Ramsarran outlined a number of events to be held during the week, including fashion tours, live musical performances, promotional luncheons, model challenges, training sessions, runway with top local and regional designers showcasing their collections, and an awards ceremony for designer of the year, fashion photographer of the year, makeup artist of the year, hairstylist of the year, model of the year, and lifetime achievement in fashion award

Nathan said after seeing the launch he is confident Style Week is in good hands. He recalled when he launched Coco Velvet International Fashion and Model Management in 1997, his plan was the make Port of Spain a fashion hub and transform fashion from a cottage industry into a thriving economic sector. He added, however, that over the years Coco Velvet had not received the support it needed from the government. On October 1 Nathan will be relocating to Seychelles, Africa, and because Coco Velvet remains the owner of the Style Week brand he plans to take it global, starting with Style Week Africa

“The brand, wherever it is, will be of the highest quality.”

He said he looks forward to returning to Trinidad on November 1 for Style Week as a creative consultant

Style Week Port of Spain 2019 is being held from October 28-November 3 at a location to be determined. For more information see