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Trinidad businesses close as protesters get shot

Trinidad businesses close as protesters get shot

Scene outside Trinidad Hall of Justice as people march in protest over police killings caught on camera Guardian Trinidad reports that First Caribbean officers in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad among the first businesses to close as thousands have been denied entry into the city.

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There have been several reports ,including graphic video, of individuals shot during police attempts to restore order to the inflamed parts of the country. It is unclear at this time who actually shot the protesters.

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Protests have erupted over the police shooting of 3 men on Saturday in retaliation for a downed police officer.

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The 3 men who were suspects in the fatal killing of officer Allan Moseley on Friday were caught on the video with their hands up before being gunned down by several police in uniform.

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The footage was captured by closed-circuit television (CCTV) that was later circulated via social media. The police claim that one of the men was reaching for a gun in a nearby vehicle when they opened fire.

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Several government offices have also been closed in response to the ongoing protests that have seen fiery road blocks erected in various parts of the country with continued clashes between protesters and police.

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Police have raised their alert level to red

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