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Could Venezuela’s collapse happen to T&T?

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Could Venezuela's collapse happen to T&T?

Economist Dr. Ronald Ramkissoon believes Trinidad and Tobago should count its blessings, amid the current crisis in neighbouring Venezuela.

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Ramkissoon pointed that Venezuela possesses considerably more proven oil and gas reserves than Trinidad and Tobago, yet descended into turmoil.

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He said according to BP’s recently published Statistical Review of World Energy 2019, Venezuela’s total proved crude oil reserves stood at 303.3 million barrels while its natural gas reserves totalled 223 trillion cubic feet (tcf).

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This is compared to Trinidad and Tobago’s miniscule 0.2 million barrels of crude and 10.9 tcf of gas, he said.

“So the question I ask is how can a country of so much wealth descend into such a situation as exists today? And do we in Trinidad and Tobago have any guarantee that this cannot happen here?” he questioned

“So in the midst of all that we do, let us all not forget to say thanks and count our blessings,” he urged

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SUBSCRIBE/ LOG IN Ramkissoon was addressing the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce 2019/2020 Business Outlook forum, held this morning at the Movie Towne Banquet and Conference Centre, Port of Spain

He said the business community had a critical role to play in ensuring that the situation in Venezuela does not happen here

“I leave it to you to ponder on this, suffice it to say that issues of longstanding poverty, poor governance and poor work ethic for many years may very well lie at the heart of that situation (in Venezuela). By our behaviours, I ask, are we helping to improve or to hamper the chances for Trinidad and Tobago.”

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