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Venezuelan woman missing in Tobago


A 39-year-old Venezuelan woman living in Tobago has been reported missing. She is Hegny Carolina Zulueta Márquez.

Isaac Moises Sultan Cohen

Relatives told Newsday yesterday they last heard from her on September 16. They have since made a report at the Princes Town police station.

Isaac Sultan Cohen

“My mother went to live in Tobago, three weeks ago, with two Venezuelan friends — a woman and a man. With them was a Trinidadian lady,” said Genesis Bello.

“She told me before leaving that they were going to work in a hotel in Tobago, just that.”

The woman arrived in TT nine months ago as a result of the political, social and economic crisis in Venezuela. She lived in New Grant, before moving to Tobago

“On September 16 we talked to her, afterwards she hasn’t called us. The friends who left with her said they have not seen her since that date. We are worried.”

Marquez has four children. Bello and one other are in TT. The other two live in Guyana

Until Wednesday morning, they had not filed a complaint with the police out of fear

“I arrived in TT three months ago and I was afraid to go to the police to file a complaint. I don’t want to be returned to Venezuela.” She decided to go to the station at around noon on Wednesday

“We are worried that something bad has happened to her, we fear for her life.”

The missing woman worked in the city hall of Tucupita, Delta Amacuro state in Venezuela, before coming to TT.

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