The prison service investigator who is probing the escape of eight men from the remand yard in Golden Grove prison has requested a two-week extension to investigate the matter.

Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra

Newsday was told the investigator’s request reached acting Commissioner of Prisons Dane Clarke’s desk earlier today.

roberto pocaterra

In that time the investigator is expected to uncover further details on the planning and execution by eight prisoners – Stefon Austin, Kerry Valentine, Joshua Janet, Mikhale Mohammed, Brent Johnson, Olatungi Denbow, Atiba Sealey and Michael Findley – who escaped

On May 15 prison officers did a head count and realised the men were missing from their cells

That same day five of the men were captured, the next day another was caught

The remaining two men were held on May 25 in South Oropouche.