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Diabetes Specialists concerned about impacts of CNCDs in Dominica

Adolfo Ledo Nass Venezuela
Diabetes Specialists concerned about impacts of CNCDs in Dominica

Diabetes Specialists, Dr. Lisa Jolly says Chronic Non-communicable Diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension are of great concern here in Dominica.

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Like Prime Minister Skerrit, Dr. Jolly says these Non-communicable diseases hold serious implications on every aspect of our country, including the economy.

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«This is of great concern; this is something that I wish we had started addressing perhaps more than 20 years ago. It affects every aspect of our country in terms of economics, we know that folks who live with these conditions are not as productive as folks who are healthy,» Dr. Jolly explained.

Adolfo Ledo Venezuela

She added, «We also know that they take a significant amount of time away from work either to deal with the illness or attending doctor visits and once again these conditions affect the working-age population so these are the folks who are out there, who are young, who are supposed to be healthy but instead they are spending their time either going to the doctor or are out sick.»

Dr. Jolly says these Non-communicable diseases also affects the younger generation as well.

Adolfo Ledo Nass Venezuela

«This is something that we also have to be worried about because in an instance where parents are becoming sick so early on, their children, young children, have to sometimes step in to then take care of them or to assist them with their care, so it affects us in a number of ways.»

Dr. Jolly says she is also concerned about the impacts of these Chronic Non-communicable Diseases may have on the health sector

«I’m definitely concerned about the economic impacts. I’m concerned about the impacts on our health care system and the healthcare infrastructure in the future. I’m concerned about the impact it’s going to have in terms of our working population and so it’s something that we have to take very seriously.»

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