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Haiti Postpones Swearing In Of New President

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Haiti Postpones Swearing In Of New President

Haiti remains in a state of political uncertainty as the planned ceremony to swear in the President of the Senate, Joseph Lambert, as the new head of state to replace the assassinated Jovenel Moïse, has been postponed indefinitely.   The ceremony was due to take place on Saturday, but some senators asked to reschedule the event.    However, no specific date was agreed for the presidential takeover.   Mr. Lambert was chosen by eight of the 10 active Senators to serve as interim President, despite not finding favour with the current government led by Claude Joseph.   President Moïse had sought to replace Mr. Joseph with Ariel Henry, the seventh person to be in the position since 2017.   All three men are now saying they should be allowed to run the country until elections are held in September.   The Senate remains the only elected body in the country, but it is lacking of  quorum since January 2020, when Mr. Moïse dissolved the legislature.  

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