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Labourer, 25, charged with conspiracy to defraud the Government

A 25-year-old labour­er of Kuldip Trace was charged with con­spir­a­cy to de­fraud the Gov­ern­ment of the Re­pub­lic of Trinidad and To­ba­go fol­low­ing the ad­vice from the Di­rec­tor of Pub­lic Pros­e­cu­tions (DPP), Roger Gas­pard SC. De­tails fol­low in this press re­lease from the TTPS: 


An Av­o­cat man was grant­ed bail in the sum of $100,000 when he ap­peared be­fore a San Fer­nan­do Mag­is­trate on Mon­day 20th Sep­tem­ber, 2021, charged with con­spir­a­cy to de­fraud the Gov­ern­ment of the Re­pub­lic of Trinidad and To­ba­go. 

SATESH RAM­SAMOOJ, 25, a labour­er, of Kuldip Trace, was charged with the of­fence fol­low­ing ad­vice re­ceived from Di­rec­tor of Pub­lic Pros­e­cu­tions (DPP), Roger Gas­pard SC, on Sat­ur­day 18th Sep­tem­ber, 2021. 

He ap­peared be­fore San Fer­nan­do First Court Se­nior Mag­is­trate, Armi­na De­onar­ine, on Mon­day 20th Sep­tem­ber, 2021, was grant­ed bail and the mat­ter post­poned to Oc­to­ber 4th 2021. 

On Thurs­day 24th June, 2021, of­fi­cers of the Table­land Po­lice Sta­tion, re­port­ed­ly stopped the ac­cused while he was al­leged­ly dri­ving a marked po­lice ve­hi­cle bear­ing false num­ber plates, while es­cort­ing two trail­er trucks be­long­ing to a com­pa­ny. The ac­cused was the lone oc­cu­pant of the marked po­lice ve­hi­cle. 

No. 18848 PC Videsh Ou­dit, 32, at­tached to the Guapo Po­lice Sta­tion, had re­port­ed­ly rep­re­sent­ed him­self to the com­pa­ny the day be­fore, as be­ing a mem­ber of the Trinidad and To­ba­go Po­lice Ser­vice (TTPS) who was au­tho­rised to con­duct trans­ac­tions re­lat­ed to po­lice ex­tra-du­ties in the South West­ern Di­vi­sion. 

In­ves­ti­ga­tions re­vealed that Ram­samooj was not a mem­ber of the TTPS and was al­leged­ly as­sist­ing PC Ou­dit in re­la­tion to per­form­ing the ex­tra du­ty. 

Ram­samooj was ar­rest­ed on Sun­day 19th Sep­tem­ber, 2021 and charged by Cpl (Ag.) Smith, of the Pro­fes­sion­al Stan­dards Bu­reau on Mon­day 20th Sep­tem­ber, 2021. 

PC Ou­dit was pre­vi­ous­ly charged with two counts of con­spir­a­cy to de­fraud the Gov­ern­ment of the Re­pub­lic of Trinidad and To­ba­go and ten counts of mis­be­hav­iour in pub­lic of­fice, aris­ing out of a sim­i­lar ex­tra du­ty rack­et. 

Two oth­er po­lice of­fi­cers, name­ly In­spec­tor Dean An­toine, 53, of Pe­tit Bourg; PC Vishal Heer­alal, 28, of South Oropouche; and civil­ian Shane Veesh Heer­alal, 28, of Fyz­abad, were al­so joint­ly charged with of­fences aris­ing out of the rack­et. 

Com­mis­sion­er of Po­lice (Ag), Mc Don­ald Ja­cob, said while five per­sons have so far been ar­rest­ed, the in­ves­ti­ga­tions in­to this ex­tra du­ty rack­et, are far from over. He said based on in­for­ma­tion and ev­i­dence ad­duced so far, oth­er per­sons, in­clud­ing po­lice of­fi­cers, can be ar­rest­ed and charged. 

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