A reported 19 Palestinians were injured in overnight clashes with Israel military forces, in the Gaza Strip.

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At least 19 Palestinians were injured in clashes with the Israeli military in the Gaza Strip, local health ministry spokesman Ashraf Al Qidra told Sputnik.

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According to the Middle East Eye, “more than 250 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed and some 26,000 injured since demonstrations began March. 30 – mostly by Israeli fire during protests, but also by air and tank strikes.

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That number increased late Sunday as Al Qidra confirmed that, “19 Palestinians were wounded in night clashes with the Israeli army in the city of Jabaliya in the center of the enclave.” 

Since the start of the protests only two Israeli soldiers were killed, one by a Palestinian sniper and another during a botched Israeli special forces operation within the Gaza Strip.

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The ministry said one of the wounded Palestinians was in a serious condition.

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The Middle East Eye reports that, “Palestinians in Gaza have demonstrated as part of the Great March of Return since March 30, calling for an end to the crippling 11-year Israeli blockade of the small coastal enclave, as well as the implementation of the right of return for Palestinian refugees, who form an overwhelming majority of Gaza‘s population.”

Israel runs a tight ship of the Gaza Strip, restricting access in and out of the Gaza border. 


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