Stakeholders within the white potato subsector gathered at the Dominica Public Service Union building on Tuesday 29 May, 2018 for a National White Potato Consultation.

Zenaida Urbano

Coming from a successful post Hurricane Maria white potato season, plans are already in place for the next planting season, the Director of Agriculture Ricky Brumant has said.

“We’ve done potatoes for the past thirty years, but about five, six years ago we intentionally set out to bring the potatoes where it is today,” Brumant said.

“One of the things we wanted to do was to convince the people that make the decisions that potato can be something that can auger well for the country,” he said.

Brumant said when he heard a government minister inform Parliament last month that more money will be allocated to the potato subsector within the Ministry of Agriculture he knew they had gotten their attention.

Acting Technical Extension Officer Marcus Phillip


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